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TechJack is a Belgium based Techno DJ/Producer.  Maarten Verjans is his real name, although everybody in the scene knows him better as TechJack.


After spinning vinyl for 10 years in local Belgium clubs he started making his own productions, which took him to the next level and in 2017 TechJack released his first massive techno blaster on the UK's Guinness Records.


After hours and hours of perfecting his own unique sound he is ready

for his second release on MJS Records named "Roll the Dice".


TechJack is taking over the techno scene with his own unique international sound and is also collaborating with many other international producers/songwriters to change the whole music industry.


However, if you hear his productions you will notice he is more than just a techno producer.  He is getting noticed in the studio by producers who have worked with international Billboard artists and he is getting more and more attention while collaborating with other producers to bring that deep techno sound to the massive worldwide audience.


Get ready for TechJack as he is forging his own great path in the global music scene!

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