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Nikos D


Nikos Delagas, better known as Nikos D, was born in Antwerp on the 27th of June, 1995. He has a Greek father and a Belgian mother.


When he turned sixteen, he was diagnosed with diabetes type 1.  He needed to inject insulin 4 times a day.  To take his mind of things, he started to keep himself busy with music.  He needed to relax his mind and that was an excellent way to do it.


Music has always been around his family and two of his uncles are brilliant violin players.  One of them leads a big orchestra and is part of the band Hooverphonic and the other one teaches violin at the conservatory in Boston, USA.


He never expected music to turn out to be his biggest passion, but it absolutely did.  He saved up money to be able to buy his first Pioneer Dj set in 2014.  He started to explore and learn by himself - how music is composed, mixed, and how to play it.  In the backroom of his parent’s house, he started to play some music and wanted to see what exactly he could achieve.  When friends came by the house, they encouraged him to try and

make some mixes of his own.  They liked what he did and people started asking him to play some music at their parties.  His first gig was no longer a dream, it became reality, and more gigs were coming his way.  Nikos also performed live on JIM-TV and got into several radio shows.  Later he became resident DJ at Antwerp’s biggest radio station, Radio Stad 107.8 FM.


In June 2014 he performed at Sunrise Festival for the first time, which attracts thousands of youngsters every year.  That was his first big gig and that gave him a big boost.  That summer he got his first international booking and played in the new OXY club in Petra, on the island of Lesvos, Greece.  (One year later he became resident dj of this club and as well of another club in Greece called 'Jalouse'.)


Nikos D has also entered 2 competitions for young dj's and he won them both!  Therefore, he was invited to perform in the Volmolen in Lier and at a party in JH Moevement, also in Lier.


People started to know his name.


In April 2015, Nikos D performed on national television by playing at Jim Maniacs on Jim TV.  He has also played in La Rocca club, at Schools End festival, and De Nacht van 2016.  All these positive vibes are making his dreams come true step by step, song by song, and note by note...


Nikos D loves every kind of music, but he prefers to play EDM and trap with an urban touch.


He organized his own event in Bar Seven in Lier.  That turned out to be a success.  The event was called 'Lucky Seven'.  After that he organized Intoxicated in his hometown, which was an even bigger success. 


He is now one of the best upcoming talents to look out for in the Belgian DJ scene. 


In 2017 he started producing and he immediately got into it.  By following lessons at SamiVeli's studio, he took his producing skills to the next level.  He released his first track in January 2018 called “I Feel” featuring Donnie Lesko and Kristyana.  One month later he released his next single called “Slow It Down” along with RNY.  He also made 2 official remixes for Chris Odd, an international artist from The Netherlands, and he's still working on other official remixes for other artists.  Spending hours and hours in the studio daily, he has a lot of new tracks coming out soon!


OXY Club Greece, La Rocca Lier, Versuz Hasselt, Café d'Anvèrs, Marquee Herent, Noxx (Ikon) Antwerp, Kokomo Hoogstraten, Link Westmalle, Amsterdam Dance Event, Mi Amor Street festival (NL), Sunrise festival, Schools End festival and many more.


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