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M’lissa was born (as Melissa Engelhart) on January 30 1997 in Helmond, The Netherlands.   


Born into a musical family, M’lissa learned to love music from a very early age.  She is a singer/songwriter/pianist and also plays the guitar.  M’lissa has been performing live on stage from the age of 5!


She has more than 5 million views for her videos on YouTube and has had multiple TV and radio appearances.  In 2008 she participated in a Dutch singing contest called “Junior Eurovision Song Contest” and reached the finals and after

that experience she was more than sure to continue in music.


Her second single “Hopefully” reached number 10 in the official Dutch Top 100 in 2010.


She released her first album "Beautiful" in 2013.  The first single of the album, “Ashes On The Ground”, reached number 17 in the official Dutch Top 100 in 2014 for 14 weeks.  The video has already received more than 2 million views on YouTube!  The album was produced by top 10 producer/songwriter J.S. Weastell and mastered by Grammy winning mastering engineer Bob Katz.

The single ‘Unconditional’ was released in 2015 and was written and produced by Jan and Lavon van der Toorn.


In 2016 she released the “Fighting Chance ’16 Remix”, which is a song about anti-hate, anti-racism and anti-bullying, because everyone deserves a fighting chance for the things they want and don’t want!


In December 2016 M’lissa released her song “I Wish Everyday Was Christmas”.  Dutch radio stations played it often and a few radio stations around the globe picked up this hit song as well.


M’lissa recently found a passion for R&B/Motown-music that resulted in tracks called “Superheroine” and “Girls Night Out”, and "Tambourine Man".


Her newest single with Belgian super-producer SamiVeli is called “Into the Sunset” and is available for download in the MJS Records Store and on all digital music stores worldwide.


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