MJS Records

Since 2005



Over a decade of immersion in the EDM clubs of the UK, US and Ibiza has placed dynamic songwriter GM Music’s finger firmly on the pulsating new era of pop and dance.


His roots in Wales, UK, entwine with scattered influences from current pop to house, disco, singer-songwriters and 80s hi-NRG, resulting in dreamy, thumping grooves that transport audiences to new worlds of mid-tempo meditative melancholy, super-pop escapism, and electric experimentation.


Electronic is organic to GM. From his edgy UK club homage “The Feeling” with Denizen featuring Calte Jones (MJS Records, 2017) to his recent feel-good fearless pop fare, his influences allow him to move freely along the dance music spectrum. His snappy, intoxicating “Night Call” collaboration with Spotify sensation Madison Mars and Letters From Pluto (Spinnin' Records) proves the magic that results from infusing a knowledge of classical music theory into carefree, fearless pop. He considers both the piano and

the human voice “universal instruments”—they both come together brilliantly on the 2019 anthem “Summer Rain” with Denizen featuring Cat Chapman (MJS Records).

And as for his newest songwriting ventures? GM has three words: “Watch this space”.

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