MJS Records

Since 2005


Calte Jones is a born n’ bred Londoner and a creative gal who sings, writes and expresses herself in the arts.  After graduating The BRIT’s, she attended Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) in Guildford.  After some time out to figure her next moves, she went on to study Film at university. She is always writing, whether that’s song lyrics, poems, or screenplays.  From her early twenties, she’d say her creations are a ‘work in progress‘ where she is continuously experimenting with sounds and writing.  Originally inspired by Pop and Commercial music, she later moved into Alt-R&B.  Although, from mid-2017, her sound is again adapting/changing as she grows and changes herself.

Calte can be found writing and collaborating with up-and-coming EDM producers while experimenting with her unique sound and vocal delivery.

“I studied Film at uni believing I would move onto a different path, but there’s always this draw to music. Studying Film kept me inspired and challenged. It has assisted me creatively in every-way possible, from the aesthetics and history of cinema to the development of a story and how best to communicate it”.