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MJS Records is a San Diego, California based Record Label founded by DJ/Producer/Remixer Golden Boy Mike. MJS Records will release both vinyl and digital music focusing on trance music, but will release other genres as well. MJS Records is the record label for the MJS Productions Artist Management Agency artists as well as others from across the globe.  


Our logo is inspired by the design of influential record labels in founder Golden Boy Mike's past, such as the first house music label in Chicago, DJ International, and the label that first featured the turntable on it's jackets, Def Jam. The logo is hand-drawn, not a picture, which makes it even more remarkable.   The lightning bolts are from Golden Boy Mike's first hand-drawn logo in the mid 1980's when he was aspiring to be a dj.  Now almost 30 years later it has come full circle with the launch of MJS Records.

MJS Records releases its 2nd single from Golden Boy Mike called Hover (MJS002) on July 1, 2016. Hover is a trance song that features 2 sounds that rotate speakers moving left to right and up and down sounding like something is Hovering. It will be available for purchase on digital outlets such as and at


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