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We have information regarding how to submit your demo for release on MJS Records on our DEMOS page.  Just follow the instructions and then fill out the form there.  We promise to listen to all demos submitted.

MJS Records will release both vinyl and digital for artists that are under MJS Productions Artist Management. We will also release music from other artists as well.  MJS Records is a branch of MJS Productions.



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MJS Records announces the release of “The Feeling” by GM Music, über-producer Denizen, and the unstoppable vocalist Calte Jones. “The Feeling” pairs emotive melodies with edgy production filtering electronic soul through the prism of UK club culture while clattering beats anchor it firmly to the dancefloor. It is destined for crossover success in both in the U.S. and Europe, club, radio, and commercial markets. Watch the video now by clicking above or on our Youtube Channel.

"The Feeling" is now available worldwide in all digital music stores and in the MJS Records Store.

For Licensing information contact MJS Records.

MJS Records is a San Diego, California based Record Label founded by DJ/Producer/Remixer Golden Boy Mike.  MJS Records will release both vinyl and digital music focusing on trance music, but will release other genres as well. MJS Records is the record label for the MJS Productions Artist Management Agency artists as well as others from across the globe.